"Human ingenuity is not limited to the technology we use in our everyday lives, rather the way we as marketers in the age of man's most notable innovations leverage those technologies to broaden the horizon of consumer connectivity and engagement thus designing smarter hyper-targeted marketing and advertising solutions like never before."

-E. Nagel


Nagel Media Group


Core Services

Organic & Paid.

From carefully crafted organic posts, to hyper-targeted paid ads, we've got you covered.

Search, Social & SEO.

Website management, keyword trends, and competitor data analytics are our thing. Let's identify an objective and make magic.

PR & Editorial.

Strategic press distribution and editorial coverage are proud moments for our clients. Let's spread the good news.

Print, Digital & Beyond.

From high circulation print ads, to panoramic UV spot gloss print material, and interactive leaderboard banner ads, our creative team is on hand to design something extraordinary.


Visitor demographics is one thing. But off-page optimization and backlink harvesting is another. We'll take it from here.

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