Here are nine ways to market during the final months of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Even if you think your business can’t be impacted by the onslaught of political ads, it is best to be prepared and plan for an alternative course of action. Consider the following impacts the election year will have on marketing channels, plan, and adjust.

1. Defer your broadcast media placements until right after the election when political dollars dry up and media companies are eager to fill the void left by the end of the election cycle.

2. Shift your media budget to online digital advertising, but pay special attention to the channels you select for media placement. Avoid channels with heavy political or controversial content.

3. Consider adding public broadcasting sponsorship to your media mix. The absence of traditional and political advertising might create a nice place for your brand to reside during this time.

4. Choose the path to your customers and prospects with the least clutter and disruption. Email marketing, direct mail and targeted social media communication can help reach these audiences.

5. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your email marketing messages. To avoid the trash folder, every word must be carefully curated so the reader can scan it quickly, identify the message and choose to continue reading.

6. Paid search marketing such as Google Ads still remains a viable alternative to other tactics that will be heavily burdened with political content. Consider other paid search channels as well, such as LinkedIn’s targeted content tools.

7. Now might be the perfect time to emphasize customer retention. Shift marketing dollars from media that targets new customers and use it to reward existing customers with discounts and special sales. Your existing customers will appreciate it.

8. Ramp up your direct selling efforts. Find ways to help your sales team reach new prospects with new variations of products, services or pricing. You might consider a seasonal sales contest.

9. Get your website in tip-top shape. Resources not spent on crowded media markets can be diverted to getting your website in prime condition to attract, engage and sell new customers. Conduct an audit of your site, and add new content or simply refresh the site visuals.

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