Live Video Types Consumers Can’t Get Enough Of.

In 2019, global internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video. That equates to 12,557 decades of online content. And the craziest part? People are probably spending even more time streaming content in 2020.

The statistic above is just one of many that shows how popular live video content has become. And, with any social media or online video trend, marketers are taking notice and learning how to implement it in their own tactics.

If the mounting research about live video has intrigued you, you might be asking more questions about live video in the near future.

Here are the Top 3 types of live video consumers love watching.

1. Live Q&As

Live Q&As can be affordable to produce, engage multiple audiences at once, allow you to interact with your fans, and highlight your brand's expertise at the same time.

If you host a Q&A with an influencer or thought leader, you boost the chances of their followers tuning in to comment with questions or learn more about the guest. In the process, they'll learn a bit about you and your brand. If you appear on a Q&A, the host's audiences will learn more about you and potentially get the opportunity to interact.

Can't book a thought leader or influencer? You can also coordinate Q&As with experts from your own company. This will allow experts in your industry to learn about a topic your employees are highly skilled in. This provides audiences value and allows them to engage with your brand in a new way. Additionally, prospects and customers that view this type of live video will see the depth of knowledge that your team has, which might result in them trusting the quality of your product.

2. Product Tutorials

While brands have been recording, editing, and publishing online product demos and tutorials for years, this process can also take place on live platforms.

Although a pre-recorded product tutorial has the benefit of being edited, a live product tutorial authentically highlights a product with no added editing.

3. Educational Content

People crave knowledge. And, even when you don't directly discuss your product or service, you can leverage your audience's curiosity by launching live how-tos or explainers related to your industry.

Like Q&As, a how-to or explainer gives you the opportunity to show off your brand's range of knowledge and expertise in your industry. Audiences who see this content might value your expertise and trust your brand because its team has shown a strong understanding of the industry.