Who's Your Buyer and What Does He Do? (in schwarzenegger voice)

Let's talk about buyer personas...

Is it possible to get into your customers' minds? Not technically but almost. Do you want to find out what they really really want to create the best product for them and deliver maximum value? Here's where Buyer Personas comes in!

A buyer persona is an abstract depiction of the ideal customer.

Buyer personas help marketers better understand their customers to unveil what it is that makes them tick and choose one brand or solution over another.

Great! So how do you leverage these insights to build a smarter campaign?

  • Better customer segmentation: buyer personas can add essential details that will empower the marketing strategy and bring in more qualified leads.

  • Personalized brand experience: with deeper knowledge about the potential customer’s sweet spots, you can create more targeted messaging, more efficient content delivery, and tailored offerings.

  • Identifying where high-value leads are: the buyer persona profile should also mention where this particular crowd “hangs out” to provide insight into which channels and platforms to target with the highly focused content.

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