The Best Marketing Automations Thus Far

Marketing automation is so ubiquitous today that it’s almost impossible not to do any marketing automation. And it’s even harder not to use at least a couple of marketing automation tools.

Why are marketing automations so cool? Here's a few reasons:

  • Capture leads and prospects with a lead magnet and send a nurture sequence.

  • Onboard trial users and help them reach the first moment of value with automated emails and trigger-based email sequences.

  • Send timely push notifications to engage users.

  • Send SMS text messages to people that are not opening your emails.

  • Find targeted leads on autopilot.

  • Survey expired trial users.

  • Engage valuable leads on Facebook with ads.

  • Capture leads from a form, and segment based on value

  • Streamline your sales process and orchestrate it along with your inbound marketing efforts.

  • Add customers at risk of churning to your CRM to be proactively approached.

  • Let an automation tool create multi-variant ads and A/b test ads for you automatically.

  • Use messaging bots to qualify leads for you.

  • Orchestrate your whole marketing stack with task automation and data piping tools like Zapier and Segment.

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